Why Choose Ruby on Rails

As the world of technology expands rapidly, competition becomes tougher leading to an increasing demand for experts in programming languages. Ruby on Rails is one of the top programming languages and the jobs for programmers and developers who are adept in Ruby on Rails become lucrative. In Utah, for example, the demand is high.

Here we cite three articles that highlight the reasons for choosing Ruby on Rails over other programming languages.

1. What is Ruby on Rails by Daniel Kehoe

Ruby on Rails

In this article Kehoe begins by explaining some basic concepts about Ruby on Rails and then gives the advantages of Ruby and Rails.

“Compared to Java, Ruby is streamlined, with less code required to create basic structures such as data fields. Ruby … makes it easy to use high-level abstractions such as meta programming.”

According to Kehoe RubyGems is the key advantage of Ruby. RubyGems “makes it easy to create and share software libraries (gems) that extend Ruby. RubyGems provides a simple system to install gems. Anyone can upload a gem to the central RubyGems website, making the gem immediately available for installation by anyone.”

As for Rails, Keho states: “The benefit is that every developer who learns the “Rails way” produces a web application that any other Rails developer can unravel and understand more quickly than if they encountered idiosyncratic code without as many conventions. That means collaboration is easier, development is quicker, and there’s a larger pool of open source libraries to enhance Rails.”

For the full write-up you can click http://railsapps.github.io/what-is-ruby-rails.html

2.Why I need to use Ruby on Rails in my startup by V. Vlad


Ruby on Rails

In this article Vlad gives six reasons for using Ruby on Rails:

  • “Ruby on Rails is a framework.”
  • “Ruby on Rails is flexible.”
  • “Ruby on Rails is about speed.”
  • “Ruby on Rails is about quality.”
  • “Ruby on Rails is secure.”
  • “Ruby on Rails is professional.”

Click https://rubygarage.org/blog/why-i-need-to-use-ruby-on-rails-in-my-startup to read the article.

3.Why you should build your web startup using Ruby on Rails by Gavin Morrice

Ruby on Rails

Morrice claims that he has helped several startups, charities and SMEs in website launching.

Morrice cites several advantages of using Ruby on Rails

  • Faster development, faster iteration
  • Strong focus on automated testing
  • Rails is a RESTful architecture
  • Rails is very secure
  • Rails has a very large community

To read the article lick HTTP://blog.katanacode.com/why-you-should-build-your-web-startup-using-ruby-on-rails-8104c2226c6a#.49c943wu3.


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