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Props AV believes in people and passion. Our relationships with these two entities are at the core of all that we are and do. We seek always to honor our commitment to ourselves and to others whether we are producing events, installing systems, or providing the best quality resources and equipment for our valued customers. We are a family and are wholly inspired and committed to doing our best work.

Our core principles of Vision, Passion, Creativity, Unity, Authenticity and Communication is the culture we nourish and thrive on, the values that we look for in ourselves and others, and what we bring to everything that we create. We know that our best work is done when an amazing team, each passionate in their role, is unified under the same vision and can creatively and efficiently execute that vision to exceed expectations. We believe in letting our work speak for itself, in earning the confidence of those who do not know us yet and in truly cultivating authentic and lasting relationships built on trust and excellence.

We hope that who we are as people, what we represent as a company, the work that we do and the manner we choose to do it in is tangibly felt when we work with you. We seek to create genuine experiences with you that surpass all suppositions and leave you knowing that you have come to the best home possible for all of your production needs.